CIA Cabinet Crisis Committee


Discussion on Allende’s Socialist Measures in 1973

Salvador Guillermo Allende Gossens, the 28th President of Chile has introduced measures to nationalize industries, expand education and improve living conditions through government interventions. The United States of America is alarmed by these developments and the CIA is keeping a close watch on the situation

The Executive Board

Mr. Pratham Sharma






Pratham Sharma is a 5th year Law student in Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, GGSIPU. He has recently worked with law firms and possibly work in related fields after further studying international law. He has been associated with MUNs and Youth Parliaments since 2013 and has been a part of around 150 MUNs both as Executive Board and as a delegate. He is also an avid sports fan and closely follows European Football amongst other sports. He also has a keen interest in national & international politics which also played a part in his association with the activity.

Anoushka Puljal

Deputy Director



Greetings delegates! The name's Puljal, Anoushka Puljal, and I shall be serving as your vice chair in the simulation of the CIA Cabinet at the SBSMUN 2022 which is a crises committee. We shall be taken back in time to the 1973 Coup d' Etat in Chile and shall possibly be the ones masterminding it (who knows). I am currently studying in grade 11 and though my passion is very science-oriented (I aspire to be a veterinarian), I've always had a soft spot for history and politics. Given that I already find MUN the perfect amalgamation of all that, when induced into a crisis committee, it creates a wonderland for me where I can debate, research and imaginate in balance. Through this simulation of the crisis committee, I look forward to a session filled with fervent questioning, substantial research, quick thinking, resolution building, and finally, well-articulated debate. I hope that everyone comes to the committee with their own individual opinions and ideas on how to tackle the issue of Allende's socialist government.

Jai Gupta

Inspector General



Efficient, hardworking, funny (somewhat) and intelligent. That’s Jai in a nutshell. He’s the guy you’ll always catch cheering on the Bucks or furiously trying to finish his homework. He’s the typical “Sharma ji ka beta,” excelling academically, being a part of every school sports team, or heading a certain event. The perfect mixture of diplomat and Vladimir Putin, Jai’s a top tier MUNer. He’s won accolades at several conferences, the most notable being a best delegate at Yale Mun Taiwan, 2022. He’s extremely approachable and can always be looked up to for help. Having him around you is like having coffee infused with chamomile extract. He’s basically chaotically calm and that’s why he can always be asked for rational advice. If you have any doubts related to MUNs or other important things please feel free to ask him.