United Nations Human Rights Council


The Ethics of Intervention with a Special Emphasis on Military Intervention

This committee will deliberate the ethical implications of external powers intervening in national conflicts. The rationale of intervention, thereby directly contravening state sovereignty, has often been on the basis of human rights. The committee will deliberate on the nature and impact of interventions by the international community.

The Executive Board

Mr. Aman Kotecha






Aman Kotecha is presently a final year law student pursuing his degree from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies. He is the co-founder of The Woke Lawyer Foundation, a non- profit legal journal based out of New Delhi. He is an exceptional orator and leader with significant analytical skills. He was a part of the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations 2020. He was also deputed to attend a youth exchange in Kunming, China which was facilitated by Ministry of External Affairs, Yunan, China.

Aazeen Kidwai




Greetings! My name is Aazeen, and I’m your Vice Chair for this year’s SBSMUN. I’m an 11th-grade student, and I love the amalgamation of language and logic - be it through debates, MUNs, or creative expression. Some other things I’m interested in, include psychology and tennis. The UNHRC is a committee that requires an understanding of both rationality and sensitivity for the human race. I hope to see a debate honouring both aspects, and look forward to receiving your solutions! All the best!

Aashmiin Kaur





Dear Delegates, it is my esteemed honour to serve as the rapporteur of the UNHRC conducted by Step by Step School. The UNHRC which strengthens the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe and works to address situations of human rights violations, at SBSMUN will deliberate the nature and impact of the military interventions done by the international community. We hope that our talented delegates carve a long-term solution to this agenda with their prolific documentation and convincing arguments. Wishing for fruitful and gripping discussions and debates. All the best to all!