Message From The Secretary General



The age-old adage ‘History repeats itself’ has been quoted so many times that it seems as if this proverbial warning has lost its value as it has been passed down the annals of time. We live in an age where disputes should and need to be resolved peacefully, yet we tend to regress and see war as the only solution. So what sets us apart from the despotism, tyranny and autocracy of the past?


‘Our biggest challenge in this new century is to take an idea that seems abstract -- sustainable development -- and turn it, too, into a daily reality for all the world's people.’, former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s words in 2001 ring truer than ever. Sustainable development is a process that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own. This, however, is not limited only to the use of natural and environmental resources, but should also be practised in a socio-political scenario. Preservation in a socio-political sense can only be achieved through coexistence, mutual respect and peaceful resolution amongst political institutions and the representatives of these institutions. Through the Crisis and UNSC committees, we travel back in time to traverse the challenges that the world has faced and bring to it a fresh perspective of the 21st century. The UNHRC, AFET, and AIPPM will be combating current issues and grappling with the patterns of development and their impact on human lives. The AIPPM will particularly focus on the socio-cultural environment and the delicate balance between nationalism and diversity. Each of these committees will concentrate on devising sustainable solutions to problems that we will inevitably witness, repeating themselves through the course of history.


The art of succeeding at Model United Nations is complex and nuanced because it embodies the skills of cooperation, patience and peaceful resolution when violence, aggression and exploitation seem like the easier way out. At Step By Step School, we hope to provide the platform for delegates and students to debate and deliberate the issues that plague the human race. Through this MUN we wish to celebrate the power of international cooperation and inculcate the significance and need for a more sustainable future.


On behalf of the Secretariat, it gives me great pride to welcome all delegates to the 6th Edition of the SBSMUN2022. We look forward to your enthusiastic participation and hope to create a meaningful experience for each and every one of you.


Nadia Narain





Fourth Estate

The press is an independent force, putting forth multiple perspectives of a situation. As a member of the International Press, it is our power as well as our responsibility to create a bridge between the decision-makers and the people. We have confidence in your ability to use words and illustrations to incite change: to impel the readers for action, to influence opinions, and most importantly, to carry out unbiased reports in the impressionable world we live in today. It is the task of the journalist to unearth the unsaid. At times, a photograph captures the urgency of discussions in a manner that words cannot. Cartoons are a pivotal way to relate to the readers, hinting at perspectives and leaving them to the audience for interpretation. It is in your hands to use your words and images to their greatest capacity- to be soul-stirring and forceful.


On behalf of the International Press Bureau, we welcome all journalists, cartoonists, and photographers to observe our simulations as they unfold, disseminate information, explore the conference, and share your experiences. Publish your stories and cause a change through the SBSMUN publication, The Fourth Estate.


Tanisha Bhatnagar, Durga Vasumati, and Kashvi Kaul

The Editors